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Karen Hart ~ Nail Technician

Natural Nail Services Manicure

Discount w/Client

               UV Gel Polish:                                                                                                                  PolyGel:

       Gel Polish Manicure: $28                                                                                                Full Set: $45
       Gel Polish Only: $22                                                                                                           Full Set w/ Tips: $55
       Gel Pink and White: $30

Additional Services

based on Design

                        * Nail Art: $10 (2 nails)        *Chrome Nails: $10         *  Magnetic CatEye: $10
       *Crystal Application: $1 ea. Nail   *Swarovski Crystals: $5 ea. Nail      *Custom Design Accent Nail $10 ea.
                                                                                     *Add to Service
                         Nail Repair: $3                              Gel Polish Removal without Service: $15

Natural Nail Pedicure Services

Pedicure: Treat yourself to a relaxing experience that includes nail trim, cuticle, and polish.
                       Soak in a warm coconut milk bath, amazing aroma of real sugar cane scrub.
                                                                   $25 includes nail trim, cuticle massage and polish

Gel Polish

Natural Nail Pedicure Manicure Combo

Pedicure includes nail trim, cuticles, massage and polish. Manicure Includes nail trim, cuticle and polish.
                                                                     $45           *additional $5 for Gel polish on toes